Happy Valentine's Day!

February is the month of love!


Love for our spouses, family and friends. And at Newman Chiropractic, love for our patients!

But did you know that love and friendship can improve your health?

Emily Lockhart, in an article in Activebeat, expounds on the following ways this is possible!

  • Love equals happiness. The 75-year study, entitled the Harvard Grant Study, monitored joy in relationships over the course of a lifetime. Findings revealed that being in a stable partnership becomes gradually more and more vital to personal happiness and health as individual's age.
  • Coupledom and love lowers stress. Studies conducted by Northwestern University and the University of Chicago claim that being in a partnership leads to less stress, especially for women. Researchers wrote that being in a healthy relationship where you know that you can count on a partner for support led to better feelings of protection, support and stability.
  • Having friends extends our lives. Studies of people ranging in age from teens to those in their 90s showed that people with larger social networks had healthier and better blood pressure than those with fewer friends. Again, the thinking is that having extended social networks relieves stress and helps us manage the many challenges life throws at us.
  • Friends help us make better decisions. How many times have you turned to a close friend for advice? The right friends can help us make wise decisions, help steer us away from trouble and keep us on the track to success.
  • Friendships keep the mind sharp. Studies have shown that people with good social networks were far less likely to develope dementia in old age compared to those people with fewer friends. This is because regular conversation with others can help maintain many different parts of the brain, keeping us thinking more clearly.

So keep the love flowing and be happy and healthy!